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Motul Classic Performance 20W-50

Motul Classic Performance 20W-50

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This SAE 20W-50 formula meets 1950-1970 oil performance standards (API SF/CC) and combines them with MOTUL’s latest technology, developed in motorsports, to deliver a complete performance package for your classic car of the period.

MOTUL CLASSIC PERFORMANCE 20W-50 is formulated with a unique combination of High Zinc, Phosphorus (ZDDP content >1800 ppm) and Molybdenum additives to provide the best performance for Classic Vehicles equipped with large displacement, high performance engines used in hot rods, vintage car racing, etc. High ZDDP levels offer supreme protection of critical components like high-lift, flat-tappet cams, prone to wear because of the high friction developed in these parts. Medium detergent level in order to be harmless to cork, paper, felt and fabric gaskets from that period.

Compatible for 4-stroke Gasoline or Diesel engines, naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged, equipped with carburetor or mechanical injection.

Molybdenum has a synergistic effect with ZDDP, lowering friction while increasing the lubricating film’s strength, engine Efficiency and Power. MOTUL CLASSIC PERFORMANCE 20W-50 offers outstanding shear stability and high HTHS for increased wear protection at high temperatures, providing also excellent oil-consumption control. Multigrade engine oil suitable for year-round use (all-seasons protection) and good cold flow properties to prevent engine wear at start-ups, even after long periods of storage. Highly adhesive, its rust inhibitors and anti corrosion additives provide extra protection during wintering periods.

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