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Motul 300V Power 0W-20

Motul 300V Power 0W-20

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Racing lubricant for Motorsports
100% Synthetic – ESTER Core® Technology

This product is for racing engines.

MOTUL 300V POWER series oils are suitable for some engine applications and are particularly recommended for qualifying, short race… etc., requiring enhanced power at high revs.

Introducing the all new 300V POWER Series Premium Automotive Racing Engine Oils from Motul. For decades, MOTUL has developed high performance, synthetic, Ester based lubricants. The 300V Power Line includes the latest evolutions of MOTUL’s proprietary ESTER Core Technology to ensure maximum engine power output without compromising reliability and wear protection.

MOTUL has created a perfect synergy formula to increase the performance and protection engines by selecting esters over other high performance synthetic and organic base stocks and combining them with an innovative additive package. This exclusive racing formulation now features biofuels (especially Ethanol), particulate filter compatibility, LSPI protection, and lowers environmental impact. Used only in the 300V range, this exclusive technology guarantees you more Power, Torque, Sheer Stability, Oxidation Resistance, Rapid RPM Response, Enhanced Pressure Buildup, Reduced Consumption, Premium Cleaning Agents, and Lower Friction providing an all-around better driving experience. The Ester Core organic base using non-fossil, renewable materials limit our environmental impact and allows MOTUL to lower its carbon footprint by 25% during the manufacturing process.

Adapt or choose the right 300V viscosity grade according to the viscosity grade recommended in your owner’s manual or by your tuning service partner. To guarantee optimal engine performance, avoid mixing with other synthetic or mineral lubricants. Consult your tuning service partner for appropriate drain interval and adjust to your own use.

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